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Dick Weaver: Fan Reviews


 Here is what some of Dick's fans have to say about his music!  

 I want to get the message of "The Dolphin" into my DNA!  Dick, you're a genius!  Your music has healing genius in it!! ~ M. A. J., California       (Professional Singer who has sung before 3 U.S. Presidents, Choir Leader of over 250 choir members)

 Wow. Your voice is one that truly resonates with heart, all hearts...what a gift!!! (and thank you for sharing your gift). For me, there's nothing like a long drive and music for the trip.  Yes!       ~ Suzy, California 

I love the music which you do so well. No favorites at this time - like 'em all.  ~Scott, Washington        

Dear Mr. Weaver,  

On behalf of the … fifth graders, thank you for joining us on Native American Day.  We really, really, really, (keep saying “really” for ten minutes) enjoyed both of your songs ["Fly, Dolphin~Porpoise, Fly" was one].  You have a strong voice when it comes to singing. … I thought your performance was AWESOME!!! … You have an amazing talent of playing the guitar. You have the voice of an angel.  Once again, thank you. 

~Jacob, plus more than 40 5th-graders & teachers of grades 3-5, California 

My life as a gifted healer and ceremonial leader has taken me on some incredible journeys with many different cultures. When I heard Dick sing the "I AM One song" (I AM ONE, I AM I) there was a vibration that touched what I refer to as memory DNA. This song touches something that is very, very old in essence. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but for me I'm able to see into the past, present and future with this song…..The vibrations touch something in me that elevates my conscious level….Dick has been truly gifted. His songs radiate tones, vibrations and energy in some degree that I can't truly explain it. I have heard many different songs in ceremonies and many of the old ancient songs are in alignment with what Dick is producing. This song allows me to feel the total energies of who I am, what I am, and why I am.      

  ~Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack               Paiute ~ Washoe Medicine Man

             From an Elementary School Teacher, Nevada
Hello Dick, Today I asked the children, first graders ages 7-8 years old, to share how they feel about your song,"Fly, Dolphin~Porpoise, Fly:" 
   "I like his sound" ...  "I like the part that says, "fly dolphin, porpoise, fly" ...   "I like the sound of his guitar" ...  "I like his voice, it is nice" ...  "I like the song because I am singing to it"  

Dick has been blessed with a warm and inspiring voice which when coupled with his beautiful guitar playing takes you to another dimension. "A Place of Gathering" (Pre-Release CD) features some of the most transformational and touching music I have heard in a long time…magical and very worth listening to!   ~Beth, Indiana   

Hey!!!! I listen and have listened to your CD every morning as soon as I get up… I am soooooo Happy that you are getting that Beautiful music out to the world.... Your music is broadcast to EVERYONE!!! yay!!!! I would like to order 5 CD's please... The world is ready for you now. Oh and by the way, I already KNOW this [Pre-Release]CD will become a collector's item! Remaking the CD will only add more value AND another story/experience to share... :)   ~Jackie, Texas  

Dick Weaver,    

After hearing your song, "Safe Harbor Home", I felt compelled to send you my response. Mind you, this is a first, I have never written to a singer/songwriter before with my reaction to hearing their music. I have heard beautiful love songs before, and they can be very moving. But this is by far the most moving song for me on a very deep, meaningful level. This reminds me the only safe harbor is within. It is free, available anytime, and it is there that we can reconnect.    ~ Dave, New Mexico

I just love the 3 original recordings that I have...  ~Myriah, Hawaii

                                                                                                                                              Just thought I'd drop a line and let you know how much I enjoy listening to Dick's CD when I'm driving. It helps calm me down. I especially keep playing #7, "The Greatest Prayer." Thanks for being all that you are. Much love to you,    ~Margie, California


 Thank you for sharing your loving presence and the gift of Dick's celestial music. I truly felt like I was sitting with angels last night. We will always remember and cherish the experience. It really feels like the planet is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and heaven is coming to earth.   ~Linda, California                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                WOW! How inspiring & heart felt. I loved all the songs & words. Dick has a beautiful voice. So peaceful. I played the CD on my way to San Diego. Of course the tears came. So very beautiful & heart warming. 
~ Maryann, California

 Truly Inspiring!  My favorite song is 'Rainy Day Sky' for its melody and how it makes me feel.  Very Joyful and makes me feel happy every time I listen to it.    ~Elisabeth Rae & Dan Miller, Fort Mohave,  Arizona 

Good Morning, Dick,

I just had to share my experience with you which happened while driving to work this morning.

I put in my CD from the Harbor performances. (I've actually played your songs over and over and over this past week 'cause I love the way they make my heart smile so big.) Anyway, I was getting onto the freeway and your Safe Harbor Home song was just beginning to play. As I was smiling and merging into traffic I looked at the vehicle in front of me and the word "Harbor" was embossed 3 times on the very back end of the truck. What are the odds!!! I just find that so amazing. It was like a huge blessing of your song for your next CD. I was so happy when it happened. I know that it meant something wonderful and I instantly saw you in my mind's eye so I know it was for you.

Have a sweet day...and thanks for being such a great instrument for God's music!
Love and Blessings, ~SuzyQ, California

                   May your heart sing, in your life!










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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