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Welcome to "A Place of Gathering," available on !!


Now: Western Europe and North America Releases of the film, "The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer!"

    It's Here!!      Sail the Seas

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      "turn water into sky" with the Theme Song,

                    "Fly, Daniel Dolphin, Fly!!"

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November 30, 2010

With Great Thanks to these people...Michael Mangum who recorded Dick Weaver and his guitar to create the CD "A Place of Gathering." The CD was meant to simply be a gift to a truly humanitarian friend, Patrick Kennedy.   This collection of songs was then brought to the public due to vigorous and hearty encouragement from  International Musician and Music Producer, Deborah Martin.  Her strong recognition of the Living Energy in these songs inspired  getting the unadorned version of these songs out to the world.  Chriss Lemmon gave the original birthing of the physical CDs their Form and Beauty.  Again, Thank You each and all.

Cover Art of "A Place of Gathering" ~ Kathy Wilson, Patrick Kennedy and Dean Cooper                                                 Photography ~ Bruce Montgomery

Safe Harbor Home Single Track - November 6, 2010


 It's Almost Here!  Soon you will be able to have your very own Download of the song, "Safe Harbor Home," by Dick Weaver!

Music helps awaken people's potential - May 24, 2010

Music awakens humanity's potential...

From the lips of a 7 year old boy, as shared by his teacher:
After "Brain Gym," I asked my students to go into their Happy Place in their hearts while I played music. In connecting to that energy in our hearts, I asked the children to share. One student who doesn't share that often, raised his hand. I called upon him and he told me that: "We were up in space looking down on Earth." He explained that "the world looked like a rainbow and that we were all playing music. As we played the music, the Earth moved into the new way. He further explained that if we stopped playing the music, that the Earth would stop moving into the new way."

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