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Dick Weaver: Links

The Dolphin - Story of a Dreamer

Dick's original song, "Fly, Dolphin-Porpoise, Fly," is adapted and featured as the Main Theme song of the full length, animated motion picture "The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer," based on the inspiring novel of the same name by Sergio F. Bambaren. Originally written as a tribute to the universal consciousness of Dolphins, as Dick felt it when he connected with them, the song has been adapted for the movie as "Fly, Dreaming Dolphin, Fly," (sung in the movie as "Fly, Daniel Dolphin, Fly"), with release by Twentieth Century Fox in North America, Western Europe and other countries.  Watch the trailer by clicking on my HomePage or choose the link above to see more about the movie.      

     May your heart sing, as you "turn water into sky" in your life!


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Alternative Healthy Living Technologies

ENVIRO-HEALTH-TECH     Dan Miller & Elisabeth Rae

Ozone Devices ~ EMF Devices ~ Air Purification ~ Water Treatment ~ Conscious Health Technologies


Medicine Man Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack

Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack
Paiute~Washoe Medicine Man, Arizona
For more about Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack, his healing work, ceremonies and his work with restoring the waters of the planet, visit



Cover Art of "A Place of Gathering" ~ Kathy Wilson, Patrick Kennedy and Dean Cooper

Photography ~ Bruce Montgomery

With Great Thanks to these people...Michael Mangum who recorded Dick Weaver and his guitar to create the CD "A Place of Gathering." The CD was meant to simply be a gift to a truly humanitarian friend, Patrick Kennedy.   This collection of songs was then brought to the public due to vigorous and hearty encouragement from  International Musician and Music Producer, Deborah Martin.  Her strong recognition of the Living Energy in these songs inspired  getting the unadorned version of these songs out to the world.  Chriss Lemmon gave the original birthing of the physical CDs their Form and Beauty.  Again, Thank You each and all.