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Mainstream Spiritual Music from a songwriter

whose story telling transcends the traditional

Featuring the Original Song, "Fly, Dolphin~Porpoise, Fly," adapted for "The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer" DVD ! !

This is the music…10 unedited, pre-release Original Songs by Dick Weaver that prompted a Music Producer who works with award-winning artists to telephone Dick and say:

“Get this music out to people around the world now! They need it!! It will make a difference in their lives – it has a life force in it that is unique!!”

Click on to hear Song Pre-views and to Order Digital Downloads of Dick's CD Album or Songs. Please note: Before clicking on the CDBaby/DickWeaver link, to listen to one Song at a time, scroll to the top of this page and turn Off this Music Player on its right side .    You may also Listen to Song Pre-views of future releases on this website.

Indeed, these songs are being heard by Women, Men and Children of many cultures.  A wide variety of listeners contact Dick to tell him how these songs “reach where they really live, deep inside themselves.” They continue to express their great appreciaton for having discovered Dick’s music.  “When is CD #2 coming out?” is also asked. ~ See Fan Reviews ~

Dick Weaver writes what he terms mainstream, non-denominational spiritual music.  You'll hear it in the movies or it might be heard on radio stations anywhere.  And yet, it is deeply Spiritual.

Themes of God's love for all of us, his love of God, and connection to all Life are woven inextricably all through his music. It doesn't matter to him what Name anyone uses to invoke or honor what many call God.  What delights Dick most is that we make good use of the Name and hear It in everyone and everything around us. As he says in "My Feet Are on the Ground," "everything is Your Name sung."

An exciting example is "Fly, Dolphin-Porpoise, Fly," his original song written about the amazing essence Dolphins embody,  the joy and wonder they bring to life and to us humans.   Dolphin Films and 20th Century Fox are using an adaptation of the original as the main theme song for their full length, animated feature film "The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer," based on the novel of the same name by Sergio Bambaren.


To Dick, the One God is the aliveness and form of Everything there is, and most especially, Love. Each one of us, every animal, plant, rock or body of water there is, everything that makes up the sky or the heavens is there because it is made up of and sustained by, what "we call the One God", from "A Place of Gathering," title cut, by Dick Weaver. (Listen to all my music clips by clicking on the 'Music Clips' button to your left)

His greatest pleasure is writing songs expressing his love for this One God and all Its aspects, God's love for us all, and life lived in connection with each other and that Source. 



"The inspiration for all of the songs is what I know as the Living Source of all Life, speaking and singing to me and all of us. I most often translate the non-verbal communication into English, meter, rhyme and music, and sing it as though it's coming  from myself. Some songs though, are spoken directly to me from this Source, and they're always messages of Oneness and the Deepest Love, for all of us, for all of life."

- Dick Weaver 


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