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Dick Weaver: Bio

Dick Weaver began singing when he was 4 years old, started playing the piano when he was 6, and picked up the guitar when he was a senior in High School. In college he began writing songs, and he has performed his original music since then, for audiences of thousands in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong.

Dick's music has always embodied the Language of the Heart - a spiritually oriented message. He says that writing and singing of God's great love, infinite grace, and His omnipresence has always been his first preference/theme. Dick's songs speak of a growing awareness of connection to the One in all.

"I sing for many gatherings of different kinds, in secular places, holy places, indoors and outside, with a few people or many thousands present. I have come to realize it doesn't matter that it's secular, civic, spiritual or scientific. When the undertaking serves our connection to ALL life, a different, more sacred energy is generated…The Language of the Heart. It becomes a celebration of all life that lets us each catch a glimpse of how great it is to live only in this 'place of connection."  

                                                                    Dick Weaver 

Dick's original song, "Fly, Dolphin-Porpoise, Fly," is  adapted and featured as the Main Theme song of the full length, colorfully animated motion picture "The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer," based on the novel (translated in many languages, sold in many countries) of the same name by Sergio F. Bambaren.  Originally written as a tribute to the universal consciousness of Dolphins, as Dick felt it when he connected to them, the song has been adapted for the movie as "Fly, Dreaming Dolphin, Fly," (sung in the movie as "Fly, Daniel Dolphin, Fly") to be released by Twentieth Century Fox in November~December of 2010.

Click on my HomePage to view a preview of the movie which I am sure you'll enjoy. 

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